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Next event

  • We are doubling up on coding, with a second HackWimbledon dedicated to coding for gadgets. We have some HackWimbledoers who have built things and need to work out the software chain that could bring their creations to life. 

    So, we're all going to sit down, look at the problems and see how we can solve it. Sit in and learn or lean in and help, it'll be up to you. There'll be Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PCs and more in play.

    As always, we recommend bringing a laptop along at least. We have wifi and you'll want to be looking up tools, tutorials and resources as we all work.

    Because this is a workshop, we won't be set up to get beginners started coding, but beginners are welcome to come along and join in because thats the best way to learn.

    As a reminder, this event is all about making and creating and sharing in a friendly environment and we're dedicated to making it work so people never feel uncomfortable, in whatever way, or unable to concentrate on their projects. We'll be making sure, in future, that this principle is maintained because it's what HackWimbledon is all about.

    Come along, bring snacks, bring healthy nibbles, but most of all, bring yourself to HackWimbledon 87.

Future events

  • Details coming soon.

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