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Next event

  • For HackWimbledon 91, we're having another one of our gently unorganised open days where you can come along with whatever your making, creating or illuminating and meet up with folks of a similar mind. There may be robots, there may be smart card readers, there may be lights... lots of lights.

    Also hear about what went down at the Hackaday Unconference. Or ask about Python on tiny devices. Or have a play with some new or old hardware. Or just chat about your plans!

    And if you are new to all this, come along and we've got all the bits you need to get your learning on. Simple things to remember; bring a laptop... we have WiFi. There'll be lots to do, we have Circuit Playgrounds, Arduinos, Raspberry Pis and other gadgets to play with.

    Come along, bring snacks and healthy nibbles to share, but most of all, bring yourself! -——-

    As our regular reminder, this event is all about making and creating and sharing in a friendly environment and we're dedicated to making it work so people never feel uncomfortable, in whatever way, or unable to concentrate on their projects. We'll be making sure that this principle is maintained because it's what HackWimbledon is all about. If there's a problem, please talk with the organiser.

Future events

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